WhatsApp popular messaging application continues to work on a number of innovations again. Conversations will take a different dimension.


WhatsApp the popular messaging application, which has signed a scandal in the past months with its privacy policy, lost millions of users in a short time. It continues to work on various innovations in order to gain back mobile application users who lose most of their users to platforms such as Telegram and Signal. The messaging application, which is the subject of our news with frequent updates, is looking for ways to shift user chats to a different dimension. We followed the application closely and shared the innovation that caught our radar with you.

It’s now normal to see a new feature on the popular messaging app. The application, which attracted criticism both in our country and in the world with its privacy policy, soon decided to change the privacy policy. After this development, which is considered as a reverse gear in the technology world, the company focused on updates and looked for ways to win its users.



Pictures And Videos Will Now Be Larger In WhatsApp Chats

As you can see from our subtitle, videos and images will now appear in a larger size when messaging on the mobile application. Thanks to this feature, users will not have to enlarge by clicking on all the pictures they receive or send, and they will be able to continue their conversations. This development, announced via WhatsApp’s official Twitter account, is not known how it will be received by users, but we cannot say that there is such a development. While various problems have been mentioned for months, the company’s work on such an innovation in this area will not be welcomed by users. Trying to maintain competition with other applications, the company closely follows its biggest competitor, Telegram.

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