An update that we can call important for the popular messaging application WhatsApp has been released. We take a look at the details of the new feature.



WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, took its place at the top of the agenda in our country due to the “Confidentiality Agreement” imposed on users for a long time. This imposition has been postponed until May 15 for now, but the expectation is that it will appear once again in a similar way. In this process, WhatsApp, which lost many active users to different platforms, aims to bring these users back by bringing new features to the application. The latest update for WhatsApp brings an important function.

WhatsApp started testing a new mute feature when sending or broadcasting videos on beta users on Android and iOS platforms in November last year. This feature has now completed its testing process, and WhatsApp has begun to be widely available for Android users.

WhatsApp Update Detail

The latest update for the application is a novelty.

You can now mute the audio while sharing videos. Just tap the mute icon before tapping the send button.
The user can access the new feature just before sending a video to someone in the video editor or when sending a video to their Status. Just below the crop tool is a speaker icon that allows users to toggle between mute and mute. When muted, the video is sent to the receiver without sound.

This feature will come in handy when sending videos with really bad or annoying sound in the background. It will also provide ease of use when sending video content with sensitive information.

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Video mute is currently available for all Android users. For this, all you have to do is visit the Google Play Store and update the application. We will start to see this feature on the iOS platform soon.


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