WhatsApp News: Popular messaging app WhatsApp has surprisingly released 6 new sticker packs on Android and iOS platform.


The popular messaging application WhatsApp, which is not missing from our news with the updates it will receive for days, continues to come up with innovations. The app, which is currently rolling up its sleeves to display images and videos on chat screens on a larger scale, is also working on a series of innovations that will allow us to listen to voice messages before sending them. The application, which has lost millions of users in the past months, is looking for ways to attract the lost users to its side. The messaging app unexpectedly released 6 new sticker packs on both Android and iOS platforms today.

The application, which will bring many innovations in 2021, is currently competing with Telegram and Signal. The application, which loses millions of users to the specified platforms with its privacy policy, continues to make many new attempts to win the lost users. The production, which emerged as the most popular cross-platform instant messaging application, shared its unexpected sticker packs with its users today.

WhatsApp Receives 6 New Sticker Packs

As we mentioned in the details of our news, 6 new sticker packs have been presented to users today. These stickers, which will make chats more colorful and more fun, can be downloaded completely free of charge and can be used on chat screens. Stickers that can appeal to users of all ages look very nice. There are various stickers in the packages that will satisfy in terms of content.


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