The WhatsApp messaging app lost status indicators like “online”, “typing” and “last seen” this Friday (19). The information disappeared for Android and iOS users, possibly because of a bug in the messenger.

In addition to affecting the mobile versions of the application, the change also changed the functioning of WhatsApp Web. The viewing information can be configured in the privacy options on mobile phones, but are not available on the computer and left users with no choices.

The options available on the smartphone are also having problems. Upon entering the “Privacy” tab, the application indicates that there was a “failure to update” the settings, which are temporarily unavailable, according to the interface.

WhatsApp has not yet officially commented on the matter. Apparently, the change in usage is occurring because of some problem in the app, which would also be showing other flaws. According to reports on social networks, the registration of a new number within the app is also blocked for some users.

In certain parts of the country, the application also went offline during Friday afternoon. With that in mind, the tip is to keep the app installed and wait for updates from the app’s development team.

Repercussion on social networks

The unusual failure of WhatsApp ended up taking the name of the app to the most commented subjects on Twitter. While possibly the changes were caused by bugs, some users are hopeful that the status error is actually an update.

Currently, WhatsApp does not allow to disable the display of “online”, “typing” and “recording audio” status completely. For those who do not like the indicators, the failure was very welcome, while others fear being “ignored” because of the lack of functions.

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WhatsApp can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. Is the application suffering from problems with your phone? Comment down there!

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