WhatsApp, which lost millions of users with its privacy policy, will re-introduce its updated privacy policy in the coming weeks.



WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world until the end of 2020, has come a long way after being acquired by Facebook. Nowadays, which is frequently the subject of the news with privacy discussions, what Facebook has done has caused the same situation in WhatsApp. Seeking the opportunity to access users’ messages, the company continues to grapple with lawsuits on the one hand, and on the other hand, it tries to regain the users it has lost.

As millions of users continue to switch to other messaging apps like Telegram since the WhatsApp privacy policy scandal broke out, a striking news has emerged today. Supposedly the popular messaging app will introduce a new privacy policy in the coming weeks. Yeah, we think it’s funny too.


WhatsApp Will Introduce Updated Privacy Policy

With the developments, the messaging application, which lost millions of users in a short time, is preparing to share a new privacy policy as if you want to profit from the damage. While the privacy policy, which is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, is currently a matter of curiosity, it is not yet known whether old users will return to the application or not after this step. Users will be asked to accept the new policy to be published by May 15th. The messaging application will reiterate that both individual and group chats are encrypted with the new policy.


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