WhatsApp News: The expected development for the WhatsApp voicemail functionality has been announced. Now all WhatsApp users will be able to listen to voice messages faster.


If you are one of the frequent users of WhatsApp voicemail, we have good news for you. With the latest update, it is possible to increase the speed of voicemail playback. Some people speak faster than others. Others speak very slowly. Fortunately, WhatsApp offers a way to speed up slow talking people with the latest update. We’ll probably see the ability to slow down voicemails in the next update.

New Era in WhatsApp Voicemail Sending

In fact, beta users have been taking advantage of this feature for a while. There are now 1.0x, 1.5x and 2.0x playback speeds for voice messages sent through the platform. If you have a slow-talking friend and listen to their voicemail, it can become frustrating. Fortunately, it is now up to you to speed up these messages.

Voicemail slowing down feature is now available to all users. The new feature is being rolled out gradually. If it has not reached you yet, you may not update the application by visiting the Google Play Store or App Store.

There is currently no option to slow down voicemails. It may be a good option for some users with hearing difficulties. WhatsApp is expected to include this feature in future updates.


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