WhatsApp within Facebook pressed the button for video sending. Now the sender can choose the quality of the videos.


WhatsApp, which marked 2021 with its new privacy policy, caused its competitors to rise. Users who left WhatsApp and discovered Telegram noticed that Telegram was better in terms of functionality. After this process, there was a movement in WhatsApp and new features were released one after the other. Now, WhatsApp is preparing to make a breakthrough in video.

According to the latest news, the popular messaging app is finally allowing users to choose the quality of the videos they send. As you know, you could send and receive various types of media, including videos, from WhatsApp. However, the platform was automatically compressing the video at the time of publication. The only way to share an original quality video on WhatsApp is to send the file as a document.

The long-awaited innovation in WhatsApp finally lets you choose the quality of the videos you send. This feature appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. Users can choose from three options. These options will be grouped as Automatic (Recommended), Best Quality, and Data Saver.

This feature, which is currently in Beta, is expected to be available to both Android and iPhone users very soon. The application, which will activate multi-device use in the near future, will also offer the ability to send photos and videos that disappear automatically.

It is very pleasing that WhatsApp offers the option to send the video in original quality. Users preferred mail or iMessage on iPhone just for this reason. Now, since it will be possible to send videos in original quality directly from WhatsApp, these methods will be pushed into the background.


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