WhatsApp update will analyze your voice. Here are the details of the update. Facebook’s new move in data collection has become clear.


WhatsApp, which received criticism after criticism in 2020 with its privacy policy, finally agreed to take a step back. The popular messaging app owned by Facebook is currently testing its new feature to collect data. With the WhatsApp update, the application will be able to analyze your voice. So how will this be?

WhatsApp update can analyze sound waves in voice messages

Voice messages on WhatsApp are undoubtedly an extremely convenient way to send messages without typing. The developers of WhatsApp are now working to improve the user interface of this feature. With this feature, WhatsApp wants to recognize the audio waveforms of its users. You can see how this feature works below.

With audio waveforms, users will be able to play audio in real time, which is much better than a simple progress bar. This feature is initially included in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. This feature, which will be tested on the iPhone soon, will replace the call progress bar when playing voicemail. Users can also pause the recording and listen before sending.

It is not yet known what WhatsApp will recognize and do with sound waves. Probably mastering data collection, Facebook will be able to profile users with sound waves and will start serving ads even based on your voice. The monitoring policy on the Internet is now gone. One-to-one human profiles can be extracted from our behaviors. Let’s see if the European Union will take any action on this issue in the near future. Or will our data continue to be collected like this? We’ll wait and see…


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