WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications of today, gets brand new features for the web and desktop application.

WhatsApp, which is one of our indispensable applications in our smartphones, continues to have new features under all circumstances. The company, which is owned by Facebook, is already constantly offering tons of new features for the mobile application to its users. However, we would like to state that there are also web and desktop applications on the other side. Because people can use WhatsApp on computers as well as smartphones. Here the US company has now started testing new features for WhatsApp Web and desktop versions. According to reports, WhatsApp’s desktop application and website get voice and video calls in beta versions. This feature has already been available in mobile applications for 4-5 years. However, the company plans to bring this feature to the desktop, although it is late.

It was discovered by WABetainfo that WhatsApp Web and desktop applications have gained new search features. This source, who shared and leaked WhatsAp’s innovations early, reported that the desktop app and website have video and audio calling capabilities. Again, in order to use this feature on the computer, you will need to pair WhatsApp with your phone. If the pairing is completed, you will be able to receive and answer incoming calls.

To make an audio or video call from WhatsApp Web or the desktop application, you will first need to enter the name of the person you are calling. Then you will see the video and voice search feature by opening the window next to the search icon. From this section, you can call the other person by video or audio.

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To receive incoming calls, you can say accept or reject the call from the pop-up window on your screen. The method is pretty easy. Its functionality is just as practical as on mobile.

This innovation we mentioned is currently available to some people. However, we hope that the new calls function for WhatsApp, desktop and web version will reach all users in the coming days. Please wait patiently.


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