WhatsApp won over the public by being an easy messenger to communicate with other people. However, in addition to its main function, it can be useful for other everyday tasks.

So creating a conversation with yourself can be much more convenient than you think. Find out in this guide how to take advantage of this “extra functionality”.

How to create a conversation with yourself?
There are a few ways to create a conversation with yourself on WhatsApp. However, the simplest is to create a group with just one more person, such as a friend or relative. After creating this group, you’ll need to delete the added person. Okay, now you have a conversation just with yourself. Thus, it is possible to use clever tricks on a daily basis.

Why is it useful to create a conversation with yourself?
When creating a group with just you, it can be useful in several ways. For example, you can use it to make quick notes or create a task list. All without the need to install other apps.

As we know, WhatsApp allows you to share links, photos, videos and documents. So, when you have a group of your own, you can send these contents and leave them “saved” to access later.

This also serves to transfer files from smartphone to PC quickly and vice versa. Remembering that the app can be used on the computer by WhatsApp Web.

Always keep your backup up to date
The final tip is to always backup your WhatsApp conversations. This is important so that notes and other files are always saved in the cloud. Therefore, if you change your smartphone or lose it, you can recover the group.

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WhatsApp backups can be protected by password

Finally, the suggestion is to schedule a time to perform the backup. For example, choose a time when you are connected to the internet, but without using your cell phone.


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