WhatsApp is looking for ways to let us listen to voice messages before sending it.


The messaging application WhatsApp, which has lost millions of users recently, continues to work on a number of new features. The messaging application, which gained an incredible momentum after its purchase by Facebook, continues to be used by millions of users around the world, including our country. The application, which loses millions of users to platforms such as Signal and Telegram with its privacy policy, will try to regain lost users with the next updates. The platform, which we stated that it will show images and videos on the chat screen, is now working on an innovation that will allow us to listen to voice messages before sending them. WhatsApp works on voicemail.

The messaging application that helps users in India to find Covid-19 vaccine centers continues to come up with brand new features. Continuing to work on various innovations to make our daily life a little more comfortable, the company has now rolled up its sleeves to enable us to listen to voice messages before sending them.

WhatsApp Will Allow Us To Listen Without Sending A Voice Message

It is stated that the new development that has emerged in foreign sources is that the messaging application is working on a new feature and even started to test this feature. Prepared to give the opportunity to listen to voicemails without sending, the application is now testing this feature as a developer preview. With this feature in the iOS version of Messenger, users will be able to act a little more meticulous about voice messages. With this feature, which will be very useful for users, the messages you want to send will be better.

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