WhatsApp’s multi-device feature, which has been scaring everyone about privacy in recent months, has been awaited for a while. This highly anticipated feature seems to come to iOS and Android very soon. WABetainfo, famous for its leaks; In WhatsApp beta version 2.21.30, it discovered that users will soon be able to log out of their accounts on a connected device.



Until now, the only way to remove an account from a device was to uninstall WhatsApp and log in with the new credentials. However, with the new feature, routines will be broken.

WAbetainfo states that the feature works very stable on both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp. However, it is said that the new feature of the popular messaging application will not be available without flawlessness. Because changing between accounts can cause messages to be lost. So you may have to wait a little longer for this innovation.

WhatsApp is said to have lost millions of users in the last 1 month, as it tries to cover up its errors in privacy with new features. From now on, WhatsApp needs to offer such an innovation that it can win back its users. It is said that WhatsApp, which still does not bring the iPad application, is also working on this issue.

We probably won’t be using the messaging giant’s innovations until the summer months. WhatsApp’s competitors who are trying to sit down with their innovations that are in the testing phase will not be idle in this process. This competition will benefit us users as always. Let’s see if the new features will satisfy us.


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