WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application in the world, will help us find a Covid-19 vaccine center.



WhatsApp, which has lost more than 100 million users with its privacy policy, is currently trying to collect the situation with various updates. The popular messaging application, which continues to have different features from each other, recently announced that it will display larger pictures and larger videos in the chat area. We shared this development with you immediately and mentioned that the next update is in the testing phase. When the next update will come is unknown, a brand new development has occurred today. WhatsApp will show us the centers so that we can find Covid-19 centers faster and easier.

While the Covid-19 outbreak continues to die both in our country and in the world, the measures taken are not enough to stop the virus. Currently, various vaccines are being prepared to find solutions against the virus that affects the whole world. Here, the popular messaging application has made an announcement that will come to the rescue of users at this point.

WhatsApp to Show Covid-19 Vaccine Centers

According to the information we have obtained from the foreign press today, in the Indian version of WhatsApp, users are now shown Covid-19 vaccination centers, allowing users to find vaccine centers faster. While the popular messaging application transfers Covid-19 vaccine center information to users through the MyGov Corona Help Desk, it also enables users to go to vaccination centers faster. Indian users who register the number +919013151515 in their directory, can access details about vaccination centers instantly and in detail. In addition, it is stated that this number belongs to the MyGov Corona Help Desk.


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