The new WhatsApp privacy agreement will soon appear at the top of the chat list and will be explained to the user in a simple design. So WhatsApp doesn’t give up.

WhatsApp, which caused great controversy with its new confidentiality agreement and was investigated in many countries, including our country, does not give up its stubbornness. The messaging giant will bring more of the new contract to us.

We said what i said
WhatsApp has definitely not backed down from its new contract, which mandatorily shares user data with Facebook, and has consistently argued that it is a right step. As a Status message, he recently explained to the followers why the contract was drawn up in this way.

The new contract, which must be accepted by every user as of May 15, will be more prominent in the coming weeks. An information module at the top of the chat tab will explain the contract with a simpler design.

Normally, when the first date was set as February 8, it was seen that users heavily switched to other chat applications. Afterwards, the atmosphere calmed down a bit, considering that Facebook would take a step back. However, WhatsApp continues to persist, and we’ll likely see massive messaging app transfers in April.


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