WhatsApp News; The Android feature of WhatsApp, which appeared in the past weeks, is also coming to the iPhone. Soon everyone will be able to use this feature.


WhatsApp, which is under the umbrella of Facebook, continues to bring us new features. WhatsApp’s Android feature appeared in the past weeks. According to the information revealed in the beta version, the popular messaging application was testing photos and videos that were deleted after being viewed once. This feature, which is unknown when it will come to the iPhone, appeared today.

WhatsApp’s Android Feature Coming to iPhone Soon

Stable versions of WhatsApp already have a disappearing message feature. However, this works differently. In the current feature, messages in chats are automatically deleted seven days after they are sent. A new View Once mode allows photos and videos to be deleted instantly after viewing. However, when you use this feature, a warning will be sent to the recipient. In this warning, it will be stated that the submitted content will only be viewed once.

However, so far no one forbids taking screenshots of such messages, and the sender will not even know about it.

It is not yet known when the self-destructing photo and video feature will come in stable versions of WhatsApp. According to estimates, this feature will be available to everyone with the update to be released for iPhone and Android towards the end of the summer months.

The next innovation of WhatsApp is eagerly awaited. We will see many innovations in this process from WhatsApp, which does not want to lose its users to its rival Telegram. Let’s see how the competition between the two companies will reflect on us.


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