EXO-L and Kyungsoo’s fans are counting down the days until the idol finally returns to us after finishing his time in mandatory service.

The idol, who is also lauded as one of today’s hottest young actors, is a month away from completing his obligation to the nation after he enlisted as a member of the Korean armed forces on July 1, 2019, just after his groupmate Xiumin, who did so in May of that same year.

The idol-actor is expected to be back on January 25, 2021, so we are just over a month away from having his return, with which he promises to have a quick return to the screen.

This is because Kyungsoo will be starring in the movie ‘The Moon’ with Sol Kyung Gu, a science fiction film that follows the lives of two men: one is on the Moon trying to return to Earth, while the other will put his biggest effort to assist him in his mission.


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