As you may remember, we mentioned that Apple has been working on a new iPhone series in the last few days and that an unusual structure is waiting for us. Apple, which has obtained a foldable phone patent, will offer a foldable iPhone model to its users in the coming period, and this phone will appear in two different versions. Since the day we covered these developments in our news, we have been pursuing when the new iPhone model will be released. We finally found some tangible information. Foldable iPhone is coming.



In the last few years, the competition in the smartphone market has been known to everyone. Hundreds of different products appear in the market today, where consistent developments have been experienced. While phones that introduced 5G technology were counting the days to sell like cheese, millions of users began to wait for the new iPhone model. We did not eat, we did not drink, we searched and reached the detail you were looking for.

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When Will Foldable iPhone Be Released?

The new phone, which is expected to appear with a 5.4 inch screen, will present the most interesting structure of the series. The first foldable model will be on the market in the next 2 years. While there is no information about the net release date of the device, it was stated that it will take its place on the shelves within 2 years.

The phone, thought to be still under development, will become official in 2023. The phone, which is expected to have a folding design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, will also offer a brand new technological experience to its users.


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