The FIFA football game series, which EA Sports regularly releases every year, is uncertain this year due to the corona virus pandemic. It was a matter of curiosity how the game, which includes the events in the football community every year, will have this year due to the lack of leagues. Here is the first answer we can give to when FIFA 21 will be released.

Possible date for FIFA 21 release
The release dates of regular video games are often hidden in a combination of calendars. Companies do not usually want to deviate from that date by analyzing the most accurate date for the game to be played. Looking at the release dates of previous FIFA games, it is not difficult to predict the release date of the 2021 game.

EA Sports announced that a new game will be introduced in September this year. We see that FIFA games of previous years usually debuted on Friday. If the company follows the same strategy, FIFA 21 may debut on the last Friday of September. This corresponds to 25 September 2020.

The company, which played the previous games to the players in a kind of beta process, may come up with EA Access beforehand. Those who want to play the game with early access can purchase in advance.

EA Sports added to the 2020 financial report: “We cannot predict the full extent of the Corona virus outbreak, its impact on our operations, financial results. We cannot predict the release of our new games. It will depend on a number of variable factors, particularly the income from sales. FIFA has sold more than 25 million copies since 20 release dates, and this is an incredible success. ”


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