Galaxy Note 21 News; Bad news for Samsung’s highly anticipated phone, the Galaxy Note 21. It seems that those who like the Note series will wait another year.



The South Korean technology giant received great acclaim with the Galaxy S21 family it introduced in January. After the Galaxy S21, the eyes were turned to the Galaxy Note 21 family. However, due to the worldwide chip crisis, it was said that Samsung would spend this year with a single flagship and the Note 21 would not be introduced. Today, the probability of these rumors being true has increased.

According to the information received, the fact that the Galaxy S21 Ultra had S-Pen support was proof that the Note 21 would not come. However, Samsung will not bury the Note series in history and will introduce it in 2022. The continuation of the effects of both the chip crisis and the coronavirus epidemic seems to cause the South Korean company to make such a move.

In the phone market, big wounds were already opened in 2020. In this process, producing a lot of phones would do more harm than good to companies. Since Samsung knows this, it will take it slow. We think that Samsung will focus on the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series in order to be less injured in this process. Let’s see how the well-established giants’ cautious behavior will affect their Chinese competitors while producing 5-6 phones every month.


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