Considering the features that Apple will offer with the new iOS 13.5 update, it has become even more important when it will be launched. Indeed, the most curious topic after the first beta release was iOS 13.5 release date. New information was recently introduced on this subject.

New information about iOS 13.5 release date appeared
First of all, Apple released the iOS 13.5 beta a few days ago. Thus, expectations about iOS 13.5 features have been clarified. Among the new features are various details about the corona virus most. The second or third week of May 2020 is pointed out as the date when these new features will be launched.

Of course, these official expectations to be published will be valid in the event that no problems arise during the beta process. In this process, Apple may be able to release the new update in a shorter time compared to previous interim updates.

The increase in expectations about the iOS 13.5 release date is due to the new iOS 13.5 features, as mentioned earlier. The first feature that stands out in this process is the use of Face ID with the mask. Users who wear masks with the new update will be able to switch to the password login section much more easily after the Face ID cannot be identified. Face ID system will be able to direct the user to the password input field by defining the user wearing a mask.

In addition, the Corona virus notification system that Apple is working with Google will be one of the details in the new update. Finally, Innovation will be offered by FaceTime. In the new change to be made in the group FaceTime conversations, the image of the speaker will be displayed on the screen by automatically enlarging

In addition to the new features, details regarding the closing of some security vulnerabilities will be communicated to all users who have Birlitke supported iPhone models with the new update. It is also worth remembering that these vulnerabilities have been addressed by Google some time ago.


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