Microsoft seems to have accelerated xCloud for cloud gaming technology, which entered our lives quickly with Google Stadia. Stadia rival Project xCloud is actually under development for a long time.

The beta game project, whose beta program is still ongoing, will come across in India this month.

Stadia rival xCloud and cloud gaming technology
In fact, the expectation was to launch at the E3 Fair for xCloud Project and to open to world players after this promotion.

However, the cancellation of the E3 Game Fair due to the corona virus and the quarantine measures caused by the virus in the world of technology also seemed to cause delay for xCloud.

Although beta programs for xCloud have been going on for some time now, Microsoft seems not ready for Project xCloud at this time.

After the introduction in India, Microsoft cloud gaming technology will be tried for the first time by Indian players.

It is not yet clear when xCloud will open to Indian players.

However, the first information that comes is that Microsoft has been preparing for the introduction of India and the first trial since the end of February.

It is said that with the cancellation of E3, Microsoft will be promoting this year for both xCloud and its new console Xbox Series X.

Even though Microsoft doesn’t have an official statement, if leaks are considered, xCloud will be introduced on March 17 and new Xbox will be launched on March 18.


With the launch of Nvdia’s GeForce Now, Microsoft seems to be trying to speed up his hand even more.

If these dates are correct, the first real meaningful trials in the same period can be done in India.

So what do you think, will Stadia rival Project xCloud really succeed?

Have you experienced cloud gaming technology, can this technology really be the future of the gaming world?

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