5 versions have passed since Apple’s iOS 14 update released in September. However, the problems have not been fully resolved yet.

The technology giant from Cupertino has been working on iOS 14.3 for a while to both solve problems and add new features. We have come to an end for this version tested on developers.

The company from Cupertino has released the iOS 14.3 RC version twice in the past days. After the first RC version was problematic, Apple, which offered the 2nd RC version for a discount, announced that all tests are now finished.

Apple is now rolling out to bring the iSO 14.3 to everyone’s taste. On December 14, 2020 experienced in conjunction with the system update will be published on 00 all the problems will be solved. With the update, there is also support for Apple’s wireless overhead headset AirPods Max.

With this version, which is closely related to iPhone 12 Pro models, the feature of taking photos in a new RAW format called ProRAW is added. With ProRAW, it will be easier to edit photos up to 25MB in size.

For example; If the exposure compensation is not set correctly in a photograph taken, you will be able to correct it later thanks to ProRAW. Note that making such fine adjustments in JPEG format is not as easy as in RAW format.

Finally, let’s point out that with the update, aggressive charging consumption, not being able to see some videos correctly when the photos are shared from the application, not being able to receive SMS and MMS messages, opening the application folders differently than expected, not using Bluetooth in the Settings section and the problems in the MagSafe Duo Charger have been resolved.


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