Apple, inc. announced the free iPhone program. In 2020, it started distribution after models that were released late due to Covid-19. This program, which concerns hackers, has a special purpose. The new iPhone models, which will be offered differently from normal consumer models, will remain in hackers for 1 year.

Who will be able to get Apple free iPhone models?

Of course, these models will be sent to security experts participating in Apple’s Security Research Device Program (SRD). The technology giant reported that SRD phones will be sent to the first group of participants immediately, CHIP Online reported. The iPhones developed for this program behave like standard iPhones, but give security researchers more access, so participants can run any tool they need to find vulnerabilities.

Apple, which announced its program in July in the first place, will be available for 12 months after sending the first models in the current process. At the end of the period, the company that requests the models to be sent will receive a repeat request from the participants who want to continue the program and will offer the opportunity to extend the life of the models.

This group, which is obliged to report any security vulnerabilities they find, can also participate in the “bug bounty” program, for which the company gave a monetary award of $ 1 million.


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