Anonymous has released the video. The Hacker group Anonymous threatened racist police violence with a video he posted on social media. The Hacker group Anonymous threatened racist police violence with a video he posted on social media.

Who is Anonymous ? What is Anonymous ?

Anonymous had solid links with many websites, such as: 4chan, Wiki, Encyclopædia, Dramatica and some forum pages. After the much discussed DDoS (Distributed Denialof Service) attacks in 2008, the number of incidents related to group members began to increase rapidly.

The Scientology Chapel was originally targeted for attacks on entertainment. They locked the call lines of the very famous church, the Scientology Church, and then sent black faxes, causing the printer’s toner to be used up. After a while, they stopped access to their own site. While the site was in a collapsed state, many Anonymous related names posted a message on YouTube using a robot voice. The message said, “For the good of your followers and the internet, we will delete you from the internet.” Tom Cruise, one of the prominent names of the Scientology Church, was also among the famous names who got their share from Anonymous.

With the masks used in the movie “V for Vendetta”, the symbols of the hackers ensured millions of hearts across the world, not only through political or political attacks, but also a child abuser and a rape case. Anonymous members voluntarily helped with such issues, although they did not work with the police in principle.

Yes, we can say that Anonymous has no religion, language and nation. In their interacting countries, they communicate using their language and oppose racist attitudes. The group, which gave them the name “Anon”, is at the center of the beginning of the Wikileaks and Occupy movements. Today, Anonymous supporters around the world remember themselves by names such as “Freedom Fighters” or “Digital Robin Hood”.

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CNN international Television mentioned Anonymous as one of the three major successors of WikiLeaks, given its strength in the international arena.

What Did Anonymous Do?

Hackers are people who search for and locate openness, weakness, or inaccuracies in their systems in the computer networks used by everyone around the world and provide information for attack or repair. Anonymous is also a world famous group. It first appeared in 2008 on 4chan, an imageboard. During these years, “4chan” offered all users the option of being anonymous, allowing people to share with more than fifty sub-categories without any name, link or address. Although 4chan supported freedom of thought when it was first established, it later abandoned its policy with government pressure.

Yes, what distinguishes the Anonymous hacker group from other hacker groups, which started from such a place and made its name until 2012, is that this group has protested various political events by organizing attacks on sites belonging to state agencies. “ Anonymous Hacker Group” has another side, which is that it carries out all its activities secretly and has absolutely no hierarchical structure.

Continuing its ‘hacktivist’ activities in 2008, the group said, “We are Anonymous. Orduyuz. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Was introducing themselves with the slogan of “Wait for us.”

In the beginning, it became known and commemorated with other actions against the pirate anti-broadcast campaigns of the companies that mostly traded cinema and copyrighted works. This was done by these unidentified people who introduced themselves as “Anonymous” in each of their actions.


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