Dogecoin News: Cryptocurrency investors are trying to determine who owns the world’s richest Dogecoin wallet. The DOGE wallet of the aforementioned whale contains 36.71 billion DOGE with a value of 12.73 billion dollars at the time this news was published.



Is Elon Musk the biggest Dogecoin whale in the world?

There are strong rumors that this person might be Elon Musk. Because some transactions of 28.061971 DOGE stand out in the transaction history of this address.

When we consider this number as a date, it shows June 28, 1971, that is Elon Musk’s birthday …

Tenev denies the allegations

However, Musk points to Vladimir Tenev’s trading empire, Robinhood, as the possible owner. However, Tenev also announced that he did not own this wallet.

“All the cryptocurrencies we hold are for the purpose of providing access to our funds for our customers. We do not have a significant position in any of the cryptocurrencies we keep as registered, or anything like that.

CZ: “Not owned by Binance”

According to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, one thing is certain in this case… He is sure that the biggest DOGE wallet is not owned by Binance. Moreover, CZ is skeptical that any other exchange could be behind the wallet in question.

“The wallet that holds 30% of the total supply does NOT belong to Binance. How to use etc. I also seriously doubt that it is based on another exchange. I might be wrong. Who said to you? You might want to check your source. ”

Musk is known as an avid Dogecoin supporter Robinhood is a great platform that allows retail investors to buy DOGE.

Last week, Musk announced that the space exploration firm would launch a month mission to use DOGE.


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