There is an important struggle with the Corona virus both at the individual and social level. In addition, large companies are working to support this struggle. A statement released last week announced that the Google and Apple duo are rolling up their sleeves for the corona tracking system. The system will track people who carry the Covid-19 virus via Bluetooth. When this was the case, the eyes were turned to who could not use this system.

Google and Apple will develop! Who will not be able to use it?
People who are infected with corona virus will be followed up with the corona tracking system. Apple’s iPhones and devices with Google’s Android operating system make up a majority of about 3.5 billion globally today. This is a great potential for tracking the infection. However, when we look at the diagram that explains how to use the system, we see that the wireless chips and new software found in the phones that will use the system are not used especially in phones older than 5 years.

We know that the most vulnerable to corona virus are individuals over the age of 65. Considering that these people use relatively older phones, we can say that the corona virus tracking system of Google and Apple duo will not be available on these phones.

According to analysts at Counterpoint Research, low-energy Bluetooth chips used to detect the proximity between devices without consuming the phone’s battery are not found in a quarter of the phones that are actively used today.

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Counterpoint analyst Neil Shah, who made a statement on the subject, underlined that nearly 2 billion mobile users in total cannot benefit from this initiative.

Of course, the trend of buying smartphones varies by country. For example, the majority of users in the UK have a smartphone that can use this system, while in India this use will be more limited.

Counterpoint Research also has a research on this topic. According to the research, while the proportion of people using compatible phones in the UK, USA and Japan is 88 percent, this rate is 50 percent in India.


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