Nissan has signaled its readiness to collaborate with Apple on electric car production. The idle production capacity of the Japanese brand in the US is ideal for Apple Car production.

It is said that Apple is preparing to launch its first electric car with autonomous driving technology. It was even reported that the company was in talks with South Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia on electric car production.

However, later the negotiations between the two major producers were suspended. It is said that Apple Car could be produced by one of the Japanese car brands. Honda and Mazda refrained from commenting on the matter, while Mitsubishi officials denied such allegations.

Nissan aspires to collaborate
Nissan looks ready to collaborate with Apple. Although the company CEO Makoto Uchida did not directly answer the question about “potential partnership” at a conference he attended, “we need to make new ventures and work with companies that are more experienced in certain areas”.

Experts view Nissan as the Japanese brand most likely to partner with Apple. Nissan’s “idle” production capacity in the United States, that is, existing but unused production capacity, is considered an extremely serious advantage for the production of Apple Car.


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