Do you know how the most valuable and valuable currency of the crypto exchange is Bitcoin? Why was he sought after than others and how the process progressed; we will share it in detail. It is worth mentioning the short history of Bitcoin and the general economy for this.

A Brief History of Bitcoin
Bitcoin was created in 2009 but has not been traded on the stock market for 1 year. The year it was worth $ 0, the money rose to a maximum of $ 0.39 the following year. Bitcoin, whose value started to increase slowly in February 2011, started to prepare the basics of its leadership. Seeing the $ 31 in its first balloon, Bitcoin saw its first major drop and fell to $ 2.

In 2011, subcoins started to appear, and during this period, Bitcoin continued to display a bumpy-up chart. This chart continued this way until 2017, and this year everything has changed. Bitcoin received demand from many investors in 2017 and rose to $ 20,000. As he rose, he continued to attract investors. Ethereum showed its biggest rise with Bitcoin; In 2017, its price rose by 9000%.

Today, while it continues to rise until the Coronavirus period; like everything else in this period, he was affected. The chart, which had minor bits, fell sharply due to the corona. While it was recovering gradually, it experienced a serious decline again on May 8, and the chart is slowly recovering at the time of writing. Of course, although the declines he experienced were invisible in his history, this has still not changed to be the most valuable cryptocurrency.

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Why is Bitcoin different and valuable than other currencies?
In general, digital money is thought to be more valuable in the deteriorating economy. The blockchain system operates differently from digital currencies and has its own characteristics.

It is the question of governments to increase their money-making processes as a solution to the economy that has gone bad, and then this will affect the economy even worse. Blockchain is the kind of technology that can change this situation, and even if no government has made it legal or illegal, the fact that people and companies look hopeful cannot be denied.

Bitcoin has ingeniously designed features as the first and strongest coin in the Blockchain system. In this way, it creates the hope of having a positive impact even in the most desperate economies. This naturally paved the way for many investors to invest in the cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, Bitcoin’s demand and market share increased. Bitcoin, which has a longer history than other cryptocurrencies and outperforms its competitors with its system; Thus, it became the most valuable money of the system.

As a result;

It seems that Bitcoin will continue to maintain and even increase its market share. But of course, as we always say, it is not the right move to make definitive judgments and comments on the crypto exchange. It is always necessary to closely follow and observe the agenda.

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