Having an important position in the smartphone market, Huawei is currently trying to melt the ice with the US administration. Expecting the restrictions to remain in the near future, the company hopes they will reach an agreement with the new US administration and soon reappear its users in the US. The famous company that wants to mark 2021 with the new flagship Huawei Mate X2 comes to the fore with brand new developments. A week before the launch of the new flagship, new information has emerged.



While technology continues to progress day by day, on the other hand, brand new phones of famous brands continue to take the market by storm. While the Huawei Mate X2 model phone is among the phone models that will appear, it is also known that the device will be launched with a brand new design. Days before its launch, the phone, which is prepared to make a name for itself with brand new information, reveals a striking fact.

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Huawei Mate X2, Why Didn’t Samsung Use a Foldable Display?

As you may remember, there have been various rumors and information that the Mate X2 will use Samsung’s foldable screen. After weeks of these developments, it became clear that the new flagship will use foldable display panels produced by BOE, not Samsung. According to new information, it became clear why the famous company did not use Samsung brand foldable panels.

According to the information we have obtained, Huawei and Samsung made a foldable panel supply agreement last year. However, shortly after this development, the company reassessed some opportunities and opted for a fully Chinese BOE display on its phone. In the face of this situation, some Korean analysts believe the move was taken to prevent potential disruption to the supply chain of key components such as display panels on the flagship.


Design and Leaked Display Features

The cover screen of the phone, which includes two screen mechanisms and will appear with a design that folds inward, will be approximately 6.4 inches. The main foldable screen is claimed to be about 8 inches. The device, which is thought to have a 50MP + 16MP + 12Mp + 8MP rear camera, will have a 16MP front camera. The phone, which will be powered by the latest Kirin 900 processor, will have Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and 66W fast charging.


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