After witnessing the failure of the old financial system, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin 11 years ago. Still, not everyone is a fan of the concept of financial utopia promised by Bitcoin. US President Donald Trump, for example, is not very friendly to cryptocurrencies. These include billionaires such as Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett.

It is no surprise that someone outside the cryptocurrency space tries to mud over the leading cryptocurrency. However, when an industry leader does this, this event sounds loud. In a conversation with some cryptocurrency enthusiasts a few hours ago on Twitter, Ripple CTO David Schwartz announced that he had been discharging Bitcoin stocks for years.

Schwartz; He said he didn’t have millions of BTC. When asked if Blockstream CEO Adam Back is still pro-Bitcoin, as well as whether to sell XRP to buy BTC, Schwartz; He answered these questions by saying a big no.

As the flagship cryptocurrency continues to rise, Schwartz has announced that it has been selling its money slowly over the past few years due to the “level of risk” associated with the digital asset.


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