Did you know that BTS didn’t have Korean media coverage before?

BTS have broken records by being a group that came from a small entertainment agency. We know that with the album wings, that was when everything changed and BTS was the first group that did not belong to the big3 to reach more than 1M in album sales, but despite this, what the Korean media did was demerit them and so it continued, for A long time….

Question 1 Why do you think BTS weren’t so popular in Korea?

F1: Because of the oppression of big companies…. BTS is represented by a small company and did not have much influence in the media.

F2: They don’t come from the big 3 agencies, that’s why they didn’t become so popular .. They didn’t have the big ones like SM, YG or JYP to back them up.

F3: The big agencies do everything they can for you.

Reporter: How do you show your support?

F3: They can have favorable articles written about their artists, and give them more exposure in the media. Having the backing of a great agency helps a lot with promotions.

Question 2

Reporter: So to succeed in the Korean market as a kpop artist, how important do you think it is to join a big kpop agency?

M1: I’d say that takes you 80% to 90% of the way…. Even if people don’t know much about them, they are top of the charts. Joining a great agency gives you a great advantage… So the fact that BTS… I mean, they have a famous producer, but they don’t come from a great agency. So it is surprising that they have managed to succeed with just their talent.

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What do you think about the answers? You think the Koreans are right about it.

We leave you the video of the interview with the Koreans on this topic:


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