It’s only been five months since the announcement last January that CD Projekt Red was delaying the release of its highly anticipated ‘Cyberpunk 2077’. On this occasion, again, the studio has announced that there is a new date for the arrival of the game. Luckily, this time the delay was not, in turn, five months (from April 16 to September 17), but only two: from September 17 it goes to November 19.

As on the previous occasion, CD Projekt Red has announced the delay from its Twitter account. Again, a brief “game is not ready” is all the primary reason they give for the date change: “All those who are familiar with our way of making games know that we do not release something that is not finished.” The famous “will be when it is done,” they recall, “is not just a phrase that we say because it sounds good.”

In the note, CD Projekt Red summarizes what is finished: “content and gameplay. The missions, the cinematics, the abilities and objects; all the adventures that Night City has to offer, it’s all there.” But the study recognizes that the content is abundant and varied, and the different elements interact with each other so that it has to be reviewed until the last piece. “We have to go through everything carefully, balance the mechanics and fix a lot of bugs.”

Trust issues

With the previous announcement, CD Projekt Red was met with a remarkable understanding on the part of the fans, who preferred a conscientious study and that did not resort to the fateful crunch to arrive at the dates. In their note, CD Projekt Red acknowledges that they are abusing the trust of their fans: “We are aware that making these decisions costs us your trust, and redeeming it for overtime is one of the toughest decisions a developer can make.”

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The study concludes by apologizing again, guaranteeing that the game can be played for years and that there are already journalists who have it in their hands and who will comment on what they have seen shortly. Definitely a shame, but all in all, a CD Projekt Red test is polishing its next release to the extreme.


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