It was announced that there will be an in-game market in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will meet PC players next month. Add-ons can be purchased in this market, which players can access without leaving the game.

In the past days, we have informed you that the release date of Microsoft Flight Simulator and the prices in our country are certain. It is an indisputable fact that the game will be quite large, the physical copy of the game will consist of 10 DVDs.

The game, which seems to impress the lovers of simulation with its use of real world flight and weather data, will also have a shared world multiplayer system. The game’s developer, Asobo Studios, says this system can handle hundreds of thousands of planes at once.

In-game store

For players who are not satisfied with the plain version of the game and want more, there will be a market where add-ons to the planes, airports and much more can be purchased.

The developer team said that the branding communities of their brands are very energetic. Content producers in the in-game market will also be able to sell their add-ons, but only approved producers can do this. There is no charge to register among manufacturers.

Microsoft has announced that the market is a centralized channel for manufacturers to sell their content and for players to purchase without leaving the game. Mod developers will be able to set their own prices and also sell their plugins, whether they are approved or not.


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