The situation of Bitcoin in 2017 will be discussed, as will the status in 2020 next year. This year has been the biggest ever. The crypto money giant rose from $ 3,800 to an all-time high of $ 28,000.

So, Bitcoin will be $ 30,000 and will it surprise all dissidents?

Bitcoin Price Prediction – A Very Possible Scenario
Since $ 20,000 was the biggest event of the year, nobody saw it possible for Bitcoin to target a price of $ 30,000 this year. When the Bitcoin price managed to break the $ 10,000, it broke the trend consolidation and began its upward journey.Bitcoin

Later, when the $ 20,000 value broke, the price rose considerably, with no real resistance in sight as it continued to break all-time highs. Currently, the price has seen a crazy 2-week rise with an increase of $ 9,200 in just 2 weeks.

The cryptocurrency giant will need half the momentum it had earlier this week to see $ 30,000. There’s only $ 2,000 left, which is a very easy target for the price of BTC.

Attention to Lost Areas!
Although Bitcoin has shown such a price increase, it is very important to manage the risks and look out for possible retractions. In this case, the $ 22,500 and $ 20,000 levels represent areas of strong retracement seen in consolidation.


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