Bitcoin price exceeded $ 8,000 just a day ago, and today it is over $ 9,000. Bitcoin has thus made 150% earnings to investors since 12 March. If it goes like this, it can earn a bit more.

Some crypto commentators think Bitcoin price may go up a little bit more. All of these names point to over $ 10,000 and they say that the price of Bitcoin will rise above this region again.

Three Predictions from Three Analysts
At the moment, there are of course various analyzes and assumptions about Bitcoin price. But in this article, we will especially share the analysis of Berk Rabbit, Rookie and Josh Rager. Because these three names point to the top of the 10 thousand dollar region like many other analysis in the market.

Berk Rabbit said that if Bitcoin broke the resistance at $ 8 thousand 100, it would rise further, pointing to investors upwards. He now shares the chart below and makes the following comment:

“I expect a movement in the graphic as I marked it in blue. This scenario seems to me to be both healthy and logical. The plan changes if the $ 10,200-10,500 region is passed quickly ”

We see a similar interpretation from Josh Rager. Rager thinks that Bitcoin could head towards $ 10,500. But Rager says that for this to happen, Bitcoin must first exceed the $ 9,556 level. The graphic he draws is as follows:

In addition to these names, Rookie also points to over $ 10,000. Although he does not make a clear comment on this issue, he emphasizes that there is an unfinished futures gap in this region. We can see that the price is moving here, since Bitcoin generally tends to close these gaps. His sharing is as follows:

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Not Speculative
The performance of Bitcoin in the past few hours has surprised many people. For example, Selcoin, one of the domestic crypto commentators, said he did not expect the price of Bitcoin to increase so quickly.

However, this increase in Bitcoin price seems to be a natural increase for now. The reason for this is that this activity in the market is largely fueled by spot investors.

There are a few improvements that make people think that way. Examples include the suspicion of transactions at Coinbase last night due to intensity, the increase in trade volume in domestic exchanges such as BtcTurk and Paribu, and the futures market remained partially deflated. According to Frank Chaparro, who we know from The Block, all this shows that this mobility in Bitcoin is “not speculative.”

If the price of Bitcoin is really rising in a healthy way, it seems really possible for the price to exceed $ 10,000. But at this point, we suggest not to be too optimistic to investors. After all, Bitcoin gained $ 1000 in just one day, and if we look at the past data, we can say that Bitcoin has generally lost value after such days.

Bitcoin has so far valued $ 1000 in 1 day, 14 times in total. According to data shared by Timothy Peterson, author of the book Bitcoin Spreads Like a Virus, Bitcoin loses 5% on average within 5 days, 21% within 30 days, and 38% within 90 days.


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