Bitcoin seems ready to break $ 25,000 on Christmas. Considering that the world’s largest cryptocurrency is in a price discovery, it comes to mind after breaking the $ 20,000 peak of 2017.

The cryptocurrency giant, which started the week with a red note, dropped to $ 22,000, but these small withdrawals that BTC has seen since it reached a new peak were reversed in a very short time.

This week contrasted with last week when BTC surged from $ 18,000 to its highest level of $ 24,300 last weekend.

Trader and economist Alex Kruger said:

“The crypto market has skyrocketed since the 20k breakout, which can be judged on a futures basis and rises along the open interest curve, and the implied volatility increased as traders repriced. high leverage translates into weaker hands and makes the price vulnerable to major corrections. That’s why we’ve seen such large two-way price movements since 20K. ”

Strong Accumulation
To celebrate Christmas today, Bitcoin is trying to test multiple levels. Yesterday, after the short trail of $ 26500, it peaked with a 5.5% increase and more than $ 1,000 green candles. However, we can say that the volume is currently low, at around $ 4.14 billion.


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