Although the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra is one of the most anticipated models of this year, it has been reported that the phone is stuck with processor problems. So is it really so?


Introduced in October 2011, the 5.3-inch Galay Note was an important turning point not only for Samsung but also for the mobile world at that time. The Galaxy Note model inspired other manufacturers and paved the way for large-screen phones. After the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, Samsung announced one or more Note series phones almost every year. Let us remind you that Note FE was introduced later instead of Note 7. When we come to 2021, it is said that the Galaxy Note 21 and Note 21 Ultra will not be introduced this year. While confirming this development, Samsung also stated that from next year, the series will continue from where it left off.

Galaxy Note 21 Series Won’t Be Introduced This Year

So is that actually the case? Is the Note 21 series not introduced this year because of the chip shortage that has turned into a global crisis? Or does Samsung have different strategies on this side? Let’s kick the beehive and look at the unseen side of the iceberg for us.

Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note 21 series has been removed from the product roadmap this year due to processor shortages. So which processor will be used in the Note 21 series? Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 888/888 Plus by market. If Samsung is having problems with chip supply, it should not launch another phone using this processor. But it doesn’t look like that at all.

Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, which Samsung will announce on August 11, and Galaxy S21 FE, which will be introduced in September, will all use Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 processor units. You know, there was the chip crisis? While all brands, including Samsung, announced their models with Snapdragon 888 one by one, did the processor shortage hit only the Note 21 series?

Our guess is that Samsung will not renew the Galaxy Note series this year, testing a new strategy. The S-Pen support offered in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the fact that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 also comes with pen support, somewhat eliminates the need for the Galaxy Note 21 series. Thus, Samsung may not want the Note 21 series to hit the sales of other pen-supported phones.

Samsung wants to lower the price level on foldable phones. There is information that the prices of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be at least 20% cheaper than the predecessor models. Not much, but a year later, the price of foldable phones will be close to the Galaxy Note series. The fact that the Ultra model in the Galay S series will be offered with the S-Pen from now on, eliminates the need for the Galaxy Note series.

What do you think about the subject? Do you think Samsung will announce a new Note series phone from now on?


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