Samsung, one of the leading brands in the smartphone market, is preparing to introduce new flagship models in January. While various leaks have surfaced about phones, the most notable of them was undoubtedly about the arrival of S Pen support. Accordingly, for the first time, S Pen support would be given to a Samsung model other than the Note series. The statement made by the company’s Head of Mobile Communications TM Roh told us that this leak was true. Here are the details!

Will Galaxy S21 Ultra have S Pen? Samsung has officially announced!

The news so far has been that there will be S Pen support in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. TM Roh, President of Samsung Mobile Communications, partially confirmed this in his statement. We say it partially because no phone name was included in the statement. However, everyone knows that if a single phone will be given this feature, that phone will be none other than the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

“We also pay attention to people’s favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience and are excited to add some of their favorite features to other devices in our line,” TM Roh said. used the expressions. But will the S Pen meet with users in a hidden position in the phone? The answer to this question is no. Samsung S Pen will be available for a fee. So users will have to make an extra purchase to enable this feature.


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