The move expected from Nvidia came after AMD’s Smart Access Memory move. Introducing its new models at CES 2021, Nvidia will make its Resizable BAR widely available.

With the introduction of AMD’s RX 6000, PCIe technology continues to spread. The technology will also be used on the Nvidia front.

Nvidia also supports Resizable BAR
Thanks to the Resizable BAR technology offered as an optional technology, the information transfer between CPU and GPU becomes more efficient. In addition, thanks to the technique by which the processor can access the entire VRAM of the graphics card, multiple requests can be made simultaneously.

According to Nvidia’s announcement, mobile RTX 3000 cards come with Resizable BAR support. In this respect, Resizable BAR can be experienced before desktop platforms in laptops that will be sold in the coming weeks.

On the desktop side, Nvidia works closely with many motherboard manufacturers as well as AMD and Intel. Support will be available through Game Ready drivers, which will be available for download, with the RTX 3060 12 GB taking its place on the shelves towards the end of February.

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