Honor, one of the sub-companies of Huawei and sold, is on the agenda again. It is unknown whether Honor 50 will support Google apps.


Nowadays, as the threads between Huawei and the USA continue to stretch, the world of technology is also shaking. While the Huawei company continues to lose blood in the smartphone industry, brands such as OPPO and OnePlus are filling the vacancies from it. Huawei, which has decided to part ways to save Honor from US and Google sanctions, is on the agenda again. It is still unclear whether the Honor 50 phone brand will support Google applications or not.

The new phone model, which will include the Snapdragon chipset, continues to be eagerly awaited. The phone model, which will come out with two different color options, gold and blue, will soon take its place on the shelves.

Will Honor 50 Support Google Apps?

In fact, we searched for this question in many places on the internet before writing this news. However, we could not reach certain and clear information. Because almost even Honor company does not know about this situation. The phone model, which will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, has parted ways with Huawei to get rid of the US and Google’s sanctions. Huawei, which is on the US black list, is experiencing various problems by both software and hardware. In fact, we mentioned the other day that Huawei will produce mobile processors. Going back to our topic, we can say that it is a matter of curiosity whether 50 and later phone models will support Google applications.


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