Holochain (HOT) is a crypto ecosystem with peer-to-peer network implementation. With smart contracts, platform users can have their own data, check their identities and perform transactions without a central system.

Holochain Launch
Holochain was launched through the ICO process that took place in March and April 2018. Over 20 million dollars were collected during the ICO process and therefore considered successful. The success of the HOT launch has been confirmed by several price variations.

As during the ICO, the HOT coin was worth $ 0.0001. A week after launch, the coin value surged to $ 0.002, and the HOT market cap quickly reached a third of a billion dollars. However, the HOT price dropped surprisingly, and until 2019 came, the HOT price varied between $ 0.0003-0.0006. From this price range, HOLO rose slightly and again remained stable at these levels.


January 2019 was a sluggish start for HOT. But in April 2019, the price increased a little. In June, Holochain reached an all-time high and set a new record.

Overall performance in the third quarter was not as good as the price of the Holochain dropped slightly in three months.


In mid-January 2020, cryptocurrencies made progress towards another level. The HOT coin price saw a new peak at $ 0.0021 and its market value approached $ 300 million. HOT once again dropped to $ 0.0007 and lost more than $ 100 million in market value.

HOT fell from $ 0.0006 to $ 0.0002 in March 2020. Afterwards, the price increased steadily until August and reached $ 0.0008. However, HOT was on the contrary a bearish trend and its price dropped to $ 0.0004 by mid-November. Later, with the start of the price rally for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the HOT coin price steadily increased, and by the end of 2020, the Holochain was trading at $ 0,0005.

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HOT Price Prediction for 2021
In 2021, HOT price was trading at $ 0.0006 at the beginning of January, with a slight increase. However, HOT price increased several times by making new ATHs in March. The price hit the new ATH at $ 0.0299 on April 3, 2021.

If 2021 continues positively for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the year-end HOT price forecast is $ 0.1-0.7. However, if the year goes negatively, the HOT price may decline in the opposite way. The market situation and HOT developments within the year should be followed.


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