The smartphone market has suffered serious trauma over Trump’s absurd decisions. Will this process be reversed with Joe Biden? For now, the answer to this question is unclear, but according to the information revealed today, it seems that Chinese manufacturers will experience a contraction in the Russian market in 2021.



The biggest reason for this is the sanctions imposed on Huawei and the black list of Xiaomi, preventing American investors from investing in this company. At this point, let’s state this. Sanctions imposed on Xiaomi do not apply to Xiaomi’s components and software. However, it is stated that disruptions in the supply process may be experienced in the upcoming period. When we look at the report of GS Group analysts, a fluctuating sales chart in the Russian market (here in Europe) can be seen this year.

According to the data released today, Samsung is the first manufacturer in Russia with 31.8%. The second producer is Huawei, which has a rate of 22.3%. Huawei’s sales decreased by 26% compared to the previous year. At this point, Xiaomi, which increased its sales by 20%, is in third position with 17.1%. Apple, which increased its sales by 17.4%, is in the fourth position. In others, there is a ratio of 17.4%.


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