Will the use of notches continue in the iPhone 13 series, which will be introduced in September 2021? We take a look at a recent report published on the subject.



The notch design has been indispensable for iPhone phones since the iPhone X, which was launched in 2017. Taking a radical decision to shrink the case and enlarge the screen on the iPhone X, Apple removed the home button, in other words the fingerprint scanner from the iPhones. Instead, Face ID (advanced facial recognition system) technology was adopted. However, a new area (ie notch) was required at the top for the camera and other auxiliary sensors. So, will Apple continue to use notches in the iPhone 13 series?


Notch use may not continue on iPhone 13 models

Apple has adopted the camera in iPhone 11 and sharper design lines in iPhone 12, and now it is on the verge of making a radical decision by getting rid of the design concept it has maintained for 3 years. Recent reports indicate that Apple is also testing a notchless model in iPhone13 development. If the tests are successful, Apple may end the use of the notch on the next iPhone series.

If the use of the notch ceases, Apple will have to forego Face ID technology. Instead, it is among the information that Apple will turn to the use of fingerprints again. So what will Apple’s solution for the front camera be if the use of notches is terminated? Here, we can say that the only scenario for Apple is one or two cameras to be positioned on the screen. We all know that under-screen camera technology is still in its infancy and Apple is not using a feature before it is mature.

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