All cryptocurrencies are advancing this Friday and this also supports the price of Zilliqa. As Bitcoin moves towards its bullish target, we can say that altcoins are also inspired by it.

Fundamental Analysis
Zilliqa (ZIL) is transitioning to Zilliqa 2.0, which will include optimizations to improve throughput capacity. According to its official website, Zilliqa stands out as the world’s first public blockchain built on a completely fragmented architecture.

Launched in June 2017, this project collected $ 22 million worth of ether through the first cryptocurrency offer (ICO) concluded in January 2018.

The price of Zilliqa has risen from $ 0.029 to over 0.065 since the beginning of December, and its current price is around 0.060. For now, there is no signal that the trend is reversing, but it is still a risky currency.

If the price of the cryptocurrency falls below $ 0.050, this would be a definite “sell” signal and we can say that there is a way up to 0.040.


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