According to this new clue, Prince Charles may well cede the title of king to his son, Prince William.

This is the question that everyone is asking across the Channel. Will Prince Charles abdicate for the benefit of Prince William? It’s possible. Based on tradition, the Duke of Cornwall is however expected to retake the crown once Queen Elizabeth II is no longer on the throne. And for good reason, he is the direct heir. But if the increasingly insistent rumors are to be believed, it may well be that his eldest son is taking over. This is what Alison Ward, a body language expert, thinks. Interviewed by Express UK, the specialist made surprising revelations by analyzing the photo posted by the Duke of Cambridge for Father’s Day on Instagram.

According to Alison Ward’s statements, Prince Charles gives more and more the impression of wanting to step aside to allow Prince William to ascend the throne. “Leaning over to William, Charles says ‘I’ll let you the reindeer my son, you can lean on me, I’ll protect your back.’ Here, William represents his strength and shows that he is ready to share. This shot of William with his father Charles is so natural, full of love and quite revealing, “she explained to British media. Will the Duke of Cambridge then become the future King of England? Case to follow. In the meantime, discover the three major changes that will take place after the coronation of Prince William.


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