It was claimed that the Galaxy A and M series Samsung phones will start to show ads after the transition to the One UI 2.5 interface via the recently leaked lock screen and weather app images. There has been gratifying news for these images that users have already reacted to.

Will Samsung phones show ads? Here is the explanation

The screenshot on which the ad was seen on the lock screen turned out to be a fake image / joke prepared by a user in South Korea. Samsung community managers have confirmed that the screenshot in question is fake. However, this does not mean that it is completely free of advertisements.

Advertising is shown in the company’s Weather app in South Korea. So even though the lock screen image is fake, users see ads in many applications, especially weather. Of course, these ads either in Turkey or in Europe remains whether or not the device is currently unknown.

Why are ads placed in apps? The reason of the phone manufacturers can be predicted in this regard. The production cost of entry and mid-range phones is increasing day by day, and it is aimed to cover the lost profit margin from advertisements in order to reflect this to the user in a minimum way. To summarize: Regardless of which model it is, we will not see ads on the lock screen of Samsung phones.


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