In the near future, the BMW subscription system will offer many features to the users on a regular basis. BMW wants to sell many features such as seat heating, steering heating, steering cooling, massage to its customers with a subscription system.

BMW will sell many features with subscription system with digital personalization

It is under the name of digital personalization that BMW owners can add some additional packages to their cars through a software update. These additional packages include technical features such as cruise control, lane tracking assistant as well as heated steering.

BMW owners will be able to purchase subscriptions for a period of time, as in mobile applications. In an example shown by BMW, the owner of the car can pay for heated seats for the duration of his use. Later, if the person he sells will want to, he can get the subscription again or not. It is quite possible that such subscriptions will appear in all automobile brands in the near future.

With the BMW subscription system, the features that users will offer will differ from market to market. Based on the example given by the BMW spokesperson, heated seats may not be seen as a luxury in the USA, but can be seen as luxury in some markets and may not be preferred by those who want to buy zero cars. In this case, more features will be sold with the BMW subscription system in the markets that consider the car to be much more expensive with additional features at the first purchase.

BMW paid subscription can also take part in competitors

It will be very difficult to see how user friendly this system of BMW is in the first place compared to its competitors. One of the clearest examples against Tesla’s digital personalization system is that Tesla makes its cars more sophisticated with free or very cheap subscription fees in every update.

The first example of the BMW subscription system was seen in the USA. The in-car camera, which we have seen in Tesla and can be used by users who want it with the last update, is actively used by approximately 500 BMW drivers in the USA. In the event of an accident, this system helps to prove who was wrong by recording the accident 20 seconds before and during the accident. Drivers who use this system are currently paying $ 39 a year, if they want to use it for three years, $ 99 subscription fee.

There will be many different features in the subscription system.

Another remarkable detail we see in the BMW subscription system is that the sound system that gives the engine sound inside is also on the list. In many BMW models, the sound of the engine heard in the car does not come from the car’s engine. Pre-recorded sounds are heard by the driver and passengers. It is surprising that such features are also included in the subscription system.

How would you expect this system, which we expect to be used in our country, to zero automobile prices? Do you think it makes sense to implement this system that will also be effective in the sale of used cars? Please indicate in the comments.


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