Aave managed to reach resistance of $ 496 and saw a strong 50% price increase today. Against Bitcoin, it passed 0.01 BTC today.



Aave rose 72% in 1 week

Aave has only become parabolic after managing to climb 72% in the past week. The cryptocurrency saw a significant rise during the month of January as it moved within an upward price channel.

Yesterday, AAVE reached the cap of this price channel and showed an increase of 27%. More than 45% more price increases today have made the cryptocurrency cross the cap and become parabolic.

It managed to rise to almost $ 480 by setting up a new ATH before dropping to $ 445, the resistance provided by the 1.414 Fib Extension level. From there, it has continued to rise to $ 520 in the last few hours. It is currently trading below $ 500 at the $ 496 resistance.


Looking ahead, when buyers break $ 500, the initial resistance level is at $ 520 (ATH). This is followed by 548 (1,272 Fib Extension), 592 (1,414 Fib Extension), 600 and $ 656 (1,618 Fib Extension). Additional resistance is at $ 700 and $ 725.

On the other hand, initial support lies at $ 445. This is followed by 400.378.50 (.382 Fib), 320 (lower bound of the price channel) and $ 333 (.5 Fib). Additional support is at $ 300.

As expected, the RSI reached overbought conditions as the market became parabolic, suggesting that the bulls may be slightly stretched.

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Key Support Levels: $ 445, 400 and $ 378.50

Key Resistance Levels: $ 500, $ 520 and $ 548


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