After a major teasing in the first films, could Deadpool join the X-Men in the third installment?

Eagerly awaited in the MCU, Deadpool should land in the next Phases. If its creator Rob Liefeld does not believe in the preparation of such a project, it did not take Disney a long time to react and confirm the imminent start of a third installment centered on Wade Wilson. Although we wonder if the film will keep its Rated-R side, or what will be the intrigue at the heart of the feature film, this one could finally see the superhero embodied by Ryan Reynolds join the X-Men as Colossus has wanted so much since the first film in 2016.

It is not for nothing that the mutant with the metallic body said at the end of the 2016 feature film that Deadpool would one day join the X-Men. Despite the fact that this is new, you should know that in the comics the character had tried to return to the X-Men before being recruited by Wolverine to be part of the X-Force. Here, the studios could use this “premonition” of Colossus but also the fact that Wade Wilson has already more or less integrated the team in Deadpool 2. If that could then make the link between the beginnings of the mutants within the MCU and the introduction of Deadpool, this intrigue would perhaps soften the controversial image of the character in order to make it correspond to a more family friendly will. If this would distort the universe of the character, it could also be that Deadpool finally reunites the X-Force in the third film.

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According to the latest information from We Got This Covered, the plot of the next installment would focus on the desire of the character of Ryan Reynolds to reunite the X-Force again. This could then suggest that Wade Wilson would ultimately have no desire to join the X-Men and form his own team. It must be said that the character has fired Colossus for a long time, repeatedly claiming not to want to join the recruits of Professor X, the end of Deadpool 2 does not suggest what is more such a possibility despite his “training” at the start of the film. Nevertheless, Deadpool being the only character to be aware that he is a fictional hero could make it possible to reboot his story again and have him officially join the X-Men in this third installment. Although the presence of the X-Force in the MCU may bring an offbeat side to the next adventures of Deadpool, it would be fun to see the character join the team of mutants, and even reluctantly. This element can bring a lot of humor to this third part and correspond to the universe of the superhero with the hung tongue!


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