An error was discovered that corrupted the NTFS file system in the Windows 10 20H2 update released by Microsoft recently. This error caused by running the “chkdsk” command was causing the computers to not boot.

Microsoft recently released a new update for Windows users. This update, named Windows 10 20H2 , offered various performance improvements and innovations to the operating system. According to an information that emerged today, the update brought along an error.

The error was discovered by an administrator on a forum with German users. The administrator who upgraded the computers to the new version of Windows 10 20H2 encountered a problem after executing the ‘ chkdsk c: / f ‘ command on cmd . When the command was run, eventually the computer would give a blue screen .

The NTFS file system is corrupted:

The command run by the administrator was used to detect errors in the C drive and fix them. When the command was run, it found multiple problems in a file named “9” . Besides, MFT (Master File Table) was showing an error in the BITMAP class.

When the computer was restarted, there was a problem loading the NTFS file system and the computers could not be started. In other words, the “chkdsk” command had broken the NTFS file system after the new update. The cause of the error and the reasons for its occurrence are listed as follows:

  • Systems with Windows 10 20H2 installed are affected.
  • The problem is affecting SSDs .
  • The KB4592438 update released on November 8 seems to be the source of the problem.

It is currently unknown under what other reasons and under what circumstances the problem occurred. Likewise, it is also unknown whether the problem affects all the systems with the Windows 20H2 update installed. Therefore, administrators are advised to back up Windows before using the “chkdsk” command .


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